Celebrating Eric Cox: Excellence in Instruction


VMSI is proud to honor Eric Cox, a valued team member of our team since 2022.  Eric has made significant contributions supporting the Veterans Affairs Acquisition Academy (VAAA) where he serves as a course facilitator.  His role involves delivering top-notch instruction to the students at the VAAA Contracting Professional School.

Eric recently received an employee excellence award in recognition for his exceptional performance and commitment to his role.  This award was given in after receiving numerous student shout outs as well as consistently high ratings on student surveys and course reports.  These accolades highlight Eric’s effectiveness as an instructor and his ability to connect with his students on a meaningful level.

Students at the VAAA Contracting Professional School have repeatedly praised Eric’s delivery and teaching style. They commend his natural ability to keep the class engaged and actively participating, making learning both enjoyable and impactful. Many have noted his talent for fostering enthusiasm and excitement about the course material, which greatly enhances their overall learning experience.

Eric exemplifies the qualities of an outstanding facilitator through his commitment to excellence and his engaging, dynamic teaching style.  His contributions have made a lasting impact for the VAAA Contracting Professional School and the VMSI team.  We thank Eric for his efforts and for consistently living up to VMSI’s credo, “To be the BEST DECISION our Clients make!”.