January 2018 VetSpot: Gino Cascieri

Gino Cascieri, serving in the USAF
Gino Cascieri, serving in the USAF

Gino F. Cascieri, a Contract Specialist currently providing contract support for the Veterans Affairs (VA) medical facility in Bedford, MA, is our first featured VetSpot of 2018. Thanks, Gino, for your service in the US Armed Forces and for everything you do for VMSI, too!

Name: Gino F. Cascieri
Rank: E-5 Staff Sergeant
Branch: United States Air Force
Years of Service: 7 years

Gino served in the US Air Force as an administrative specialist in the training office of the Deputy Commander of Maintenance, Strategic Air Command, 2nd Bomb Wing, Barksdale AFB in Shreveport, LA. He also spent time as an administrative specialist with the Air National Guard in Burlington, VT and the Air Force Reserves at Hanscom AFB, MA. Before joining the Air Force, Gino says he had never visited the southern part of the US. While stationed in Shreveport, he got to experience the sights and sounds of the south. This was a very enlightening and enriching experience in his life. While in the service, Gino enjoyed meeting people from all different parts of the US and finding out how much people have in common, and being able to work together as unit to accomplish a common goal.

When asked what prompted him to sign up for military service, Gino shared that his parents were Italian Immigrants, and the United States had been very good to his family. Because they were provided opportunities to live successful and productive lives through access to educational institutions after their immigration, Gino felt that he owed his country something in return. What better way to show one’s gratitude than through service in the armed forces.

Gino admits that not all of his service was serious duty – he also had fun in the Air Force. Interestingly, in basic training Gino was one of the smallest in his squadron. On one occasion when the floor buffer broke down, Gino was put to use as a replacement buffer – he sat on top of a blanket and was pulled around to buff the floor of the barracks! While stationed a Barksdale AFB, he had a chance to pull baggage detail. Again the smallest, Gino found himself inside a cargo plane loading baggage and air craft mechanic tools kits.

When asked what were his best three transition tips for soon-to-be veterans, Gino wisely stated that veterans should use educational benefits to the fullest extent! Spending some time to decompress and acclimate to civilian life was also an important factor for him. Finally, establishing a good relationship with your city or town veteran’s representative is a solid way to grow a network of post-service contacts. VMSI salutes you and your ongoing service, Gino – thanks a million!

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