Military Spouse Appreciation Day

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May 6th marks Military Spouse Appreciation Day.  On this day we celebrate the thousands of partners nationwide who’ve taken an oath to have the backs of those who’ve sworn to protect the rest of us. Behind the scenes, and with inspiring strength and fortitude, these fine people support our country’s military men and women both in sickness and in health.

Military spouses are crucial advocates for service members, who ensure that life at home continues as it should, despite the upheaval of deployments and rigor of military life.  They provide morale and emotional support to their spouses and children. They’re best friends, partners in life, and the biggest support system for those they love.

VMSI is proud to employ several military spouses. Our featured military spouse for 2022 is Nathalie Perez, who also happens to be a key member of VMSI’s Corporate Growth and Recruiting team.

Nathalie’s husband, Bruno, a 2010 graduate of the United States Military Academy at West Point, was commissioned as a 2nd Lieutenant in Field Artillery. After 4 years serving as a Special Forces Detachment Commander, he moved to Fort Bragg to take on a new role as instructor for the Special Forces Qualification Course.

“Being a military spouse is not an easy task,” said Nathalie. “It’s a constant up and go in the Special Forces Community, and a fast-paced lifestyle with my husband gone for weeks at a time.  However, I am grateful for the sacrifices he and other members of the armed forces make to keep our country safe.”

We thank Nathalie and all amazing military spouses for their ongoing dedication and service to our country!