VMSI Employee Brittney Perry Hosts Local VA BBQ

VMSI employee and Air Force veteran Brittney Perry
VMSI employee and Air Force veteran
Brittney Perry

Realizing that there was nothing already planned to honor local veterans, Brittney Perry (a VMSI employee on the VA Central contract) and her family hosted a Veteran’s Day BBQ at her local Community Center. In attendance was a veteran from Normandy, some from Vietnam, and even a few from the Korean War. There were many years between them and many great stories shared. Several VA firefighters from out of town came and volunteered.

Because Brittney used to work at Union Pacific Railroad, they let her sign out their awesome train-shaped grill. They cooked and served hamburgers, hot dogs, bratwurst, and all the fixings. The Oak Grove Elementary school, where Brittney volunteers and her daughter Kourtney attends, made cards and wrote letters for our veterans. They had so many cards and letters that after the cookout, her family went to the VA hospital and handed out cards to all floors that they were able to access.

“Saturday was a true blessing,” said Brittney. “We all owe these men and women if nothing else a debt of gratitude. The honor was ours.”

VMSI salutes the service of you and your family in support of your local veterans, Brittney! Thanks for all you do!

Volunteers visiting with veterans

Kourtney with the grill

Visiting with veterans

Inside the community center