Wreath Laying in Arlington National Cemetery – 2018

Arlington National Cemetery;  photo cred Emily Wilson
Arlington National Cemetery;
photo cred Emily Wilson

In 1992, the Worcester Wreath Company experienced a surplus of holiday wreaths and, as a humble gesture of thanks to departed service members, decided to lay them in the oldest parts of Arlington National Cemetery. The wreath laying tradition continued subtly, until 2005, when a photo of wreaths on the snow-covered grounds of Arlington National Cemetery received national attention. Suddenly, there were thousands of people expressing an interest in this cause and Wreaths Across America (WAA) was born.

VMSI has participated in fundraising efforts for the last few years by offering a company match to employees who wish to purchase wreaths from WAA. This year, a total of 95 wreaths were donated by members of the VMSI family!

On Saturday, December 15, 2018, VMSI joined thousands of other volunteers who made their way to the 260,000 gravesites located within Arlington National Cemetery. With each wreath placed against a gravestone, WAA asks volunteers to say the name of the soldier aloud and take a moment to thank them humbly for their service.

Through rain or snow, the experience of laying wreaths never fails to remind us of the freedoms we enjoy, and the sacrifices made by men and women who have served and continue to serve this great nation.

VMSI wishes everyone a safe and happy New Years and encourages everyone to take a moment to explore the Wreaths Across America website to understand more about this incredible organization.

A soldier laying wreaths

A soldier laying wreaths in Arlington National Cemetery

VMSI Program Manager,  Emily Wilson, laying wreaths

VMSI Program Manager,
Emily Wilson, volunteering for WAA

Volunteers handing out wreaths

Volunteers handing out wreaths