Our Maria


Dearest Maria,

You touched so many lives in such a meaningful and positive way and had so much more to do before leaving us.  You brought such a loving and fun atmosphere to our VMSI family and your own unique impact to so many of us in your own way.  You were a trusted and relied upon friend to us all and we will never forget you.

In your 6 years with VMSI, you interfaced with every single VMSI employee within our organization.  While the consummate professional, we were blessed to also know you had your devious, life-loving, fun side that made you who you were, and we are each better people for having had you in our lives.

You always made sure all our employees and the company as a whole were taken care of and VMSI will always be less than whole without you in our presence. We will never forget who you were to each and every one of us.

Like the cement with which you bonded your family; Dave, Matt and Josh, you brought that same dedication and love to our VMSI family, and we will forever be grateful to you for all you gave of yourself both individually and as a whole to us all.

Thank you, Maria, for making our lives so much more special for having known you.

You’ll be loved and remembered always!