Wreaths Across America Wreath Laying at Arlington National Cemetery 2019

Wreath 2019_3-min

On December 14th, National Wreaths Across America Day atĀ over 2,000 participating locations nationwide, grateful Americans volunteered to help place 2.2 million wreaths on the headstones of our nation’s heroes, saying each name out loud in order to thank them for their service. At Arlington National Cemetery, despite the rain and cold, more than 38,000 volunteers, including several members of the VMSI family, placed nearly 254,000 Remembrance wreaths on the veteran gravesites.

Each part of the Remembrance wreath is symbolic: the evergreen represents longevity and endurance, the red bow symbolizes great sacrifice, the forest scent is for purity and simplicity, and the circular shape represents eternity.

In addition to the wreath laying, VMSI has participated in fundraising efforts for the last few years by offering a company match to employees who wish to purchase wreaths from WAA. This year, a total of 121 wreaths were donated by members of the VMSI family! In all, VMSI donated 47 wreaths to match generous employee and family donations. Special thanks to Zachary Konkol, Lauren Weinberg, Ken Konkol, Carol Erwin, Mary Coffman, Maey Salazar, Heather Earley and family, Laura Fritzinger, Heidi Kutcher, Mandy Vickers, Kylene Henson and family, Emily Wilson, Celeste Norman, Nancy Lightner, Kirsten Fleming, Ron McFaul, Patricia Rice, Tony Villeneuve, and Christina Stevenson for their generous donations.