VMSI Reviewer Timehseet Help

VMSI Timesheet System

The VMSI Timesheet system is designed to allow all VMSI employees to enter their hours for the one-week time period and provides a method of online approval and submission that replaces the hardcopy signed and approved timesheet. When a VMSI employee submits a timesheet for review, the reviewer will receive an email notification. The reviewer can then log into the system to review a list of all timesheets that are waiting for review. Employees will receive an email notifying them when their reviewer accepts or rejects their timesheet.

Browser Requirements

Below is a list of internet browsers that are supported when using the VMSI Timesheet system. Session cookies are required (normally enabled). Regular cookies are not required, but if enabled, one will be created that stores your User ID for use the next time you log on. To modify your settings for either type of cookie, click the tools menu on your browser and select Internet Options… Click the Privacy tab and select the Advanced… button in the middle of the page. To enable Session cookies (required) the Always allow session cookies check box should be checked. To enable regular cookies, select Accept under First-party Cookies. Click OK and OK. For additional assistance, contact VMSI Technical Support.

Supported Browsers:

- Microsoft Internet Explorer Version 8+
- Google Chrome Version 20+
- Mozilla Firefox Version 15+

Other browsers may work, but they have not been tested.

Login page

The web address, http://www.vetms.com/timesheet/suprlogin.aspx, will take you to the Reviewer Login page. You can also access this page by selecting Log On from the Reviewer menu when you are in the system. If you attempt to go to the Change Password, Review or History pages without logging on first, you will be redirected to this page with a message indicating that “You haven't logged in yet or your session has expired due to inactivity. Please enter your UserID and Password to Log On.”

Enter the User ID and Password assigned to you. These fields are case-sensitive and normally when they are created, they will be entirely lower-case. The first time you successfully log in, you will be immediately redirected the Change Password page where you will need to change your initial password. The next time you go to the Login page, your User ID will be pre-filled (if cookies are enabled on your PC), and after successfully logging in, you will be redirected to the Review page.

If you forget your User ID or Password, contact Time Administration Support. They cannot tell you your current password, but they can change it for you.

Change Password page

This page can be accessed by selecting Change Password from the Reviewer menu. You will also be redirected to this page the first time you log in to the system. This page cannot be accessed unless you are already logged on.

You may change your password at any time. Enter you current password in the Old Password box and your new password in the next two boxes. Remember that passwords are case-sensitive. If you have any errors, one or more messages will be displayed above the form. If the password change is successful, you will be redirected to a general page with a password has been successfully changed message.

Logging Off

You can log off of the system by selecting Log Off from the Reviewer menu. After logging off, you will be redirected to a general page with a logged off message. To log back in, choose Log On from the Reviewer menu.

Note: the system will automatically log you off after 20 minutes of inactivity.

Review page

This page can be accessed after logging on by selecting Review from the Reviewer menu. Each time you log in to the system after the first time, you will be redirected to this page automatically.

The Employee / Period Ending dropdown will display the VMSI employee(s) that have submitted their timesheet(s) for your review. The page will initially display information for the first employee in the list (listed alphabetically). If you choose another name from the dropdown, the page will be refreshed automatically. After you take an action (Approve Hours or Reject Hours), an email will be sent to the employee notifying them of the approval or rejection, and the page will be refreshed. The employee you just approved or rejected on will no longer be on the list and the screen will display the information for the next employee to review (if any). When you have completed actions for all the employees listed, the page will display “There are no timesheets to review at this time.” This message will also be displayed any time you go to this page and there are no timesheets waiting for review.

Below the Employee /Period Ending dropdown is a grid that displays the hours entered by the employee for the one-week period listed by Activity code. Please note that VMSI’s pay and billing period starts on a Saturday and ends on a Friday. There are Activity subtotals for each week on the right side of the week’s hours, and totals by day at the bottom.

Activity Definitions

VMSI employees can only use Activities that have been assigned to them. This will be based on their billable assignments for you, the client, as well as various leave categories that depend on their VMSI employee type. When you review the hours, you should be primarily concerned with the billable activities.

The non-billable activity codes are listed here for your reference:

  • Overhead Activities – These include Overhead, Marketing, B&P, Training, etc. These are used to charge working hours that are not billable to the client and are used when the employee performs work directly for VMSI’s benefit.
  • PTO – Personal Time Off – this is VMSI’s primary leave category.
  • Holiday - used for one of VMSI's official holidays
  • Unpaid Leave - used by salaried employees that do not have enough accrued PTO.
  • Jury Duty and Bereavement – special leave types.

Approve or Reject Hours

When you have completed review of the timesheet, you can either approve the hours or reject them. When you click on Approve Hours, you will receive a confirmation message which also includes the total hours that you are approving for this one-week period. If you don’t wish to approve the hours, click Cancel, otherwise, click OK to confirm the approval. When you click OK, an email is generated to the employee notifying them of the approval and the timesheet is marked as ready for billing and payroll. If there is something wrong with the timesheet, you can reject the hours. Before clicking the Reject Hours button, you must enter a reject reason. This reason will be included on the email that is automatically generated and sent to the employee and the Time Administrator. When you click Reject Hours you will receive a confirmation message. If you want to return to the review page without rejecting the hours, click Cancel, otherwise, click OK to confirm the rejection.

History page

This page can be accessed after logging on by selecting History from the Reviewer menu. This page is similar in format to the Review page and shows all timesheets that you have approved or rejected. The Period End Date / Employee dropdown is similar to the dropdown on the Review page except that this dropdown is sorted by Period End Date first. Select a date and employee combination to display the timesheet and the page will be refreshed automatically. Below the hours grid is a status section that displays the date and time of the employee approval, the date and time of the reveiwer approval or rejection, and a rejection reason, if applicable. There may be comments displayed as well – these were entered by the Time Administrator if there was any exception processing or overrides.

Notifications of email or reviewer changes

If your email address changes or there is a change of reviewer for the VMSI contractor(s), please contact Time Administration Support as soon as possible.