From a potential employee’s first interactions with VMSI, it quickly becomes apparent that the level of excitement, enthusiasm and professionalism of VMSI employees is not only rare but contagious! We are intimately aware that happy employees are more productive employees and more productive employees make happy customers. When working with VMSI, our employees quickly experience just how different VMSI is and how we strive “To Be the Best Decision our Employees make”!

VMSI strives to offer our employees a unique experience, one in which all the benefits of working with a small business are experienced and all the resources of a large business are delivered.


A Company That Cares

VMSI recognizes that without our employees, we would not be able to service our customers and we do all we can to ensure our employees realize our level of appreciation. We take every opportunity to recognize our employees for all their hard work, loyalty and dedication through providing industry leading compensation, great benefits, constant feedback, investment in ongoing education & training, challenging work environments, annual evaluations & pay increases, opportunities for advancement, service awards, clear lines of communication, on-the-spot bonuses and recognition and a myriad of other ways.

Industry Leading Compensation

VMSI specializes in a very unique and narrow set of service offerings and through the utilization of market research to maintain a pulse for our industry’s compensation levels along with cost-of-living considerations for any location throughout the United States; we are acutely aware of compensation packages expected of industry leading professionals. VMSI makes every effort to ensure each employee is compensated for their experience and capabilities.

Great Benefits

Most of VMSI’s benefits are eligible to our employees on the very first day of employment!!! VMSI offers a very extensive and diverse set of benefits of which we have developed over the years through constant feedback from our employees. Each employee and their family have different benefits needs; as such, VMSI strives to obtain the most broad and all-encompassing benefits packages as possible! Please visit the “your BENEFITS” page to learn all about the great benefits we provide!

Employee Recognition

From on-the-spot recognition & bonuses to annual performance reviews and compensation increases to time-in-service recognition awards and everything in-between, we take great pride in recognizing and thanking our employees for great service! One thing our employees have no lack of is a good ol thank you and a pat on the back!

Small Company Experience

Ever heard of “just being a number”? Well, not with VMSI! Working with a small company can be one of the most rewarding experiences in an individual’s career. It offers the opportunity to stand out and bring significant value to an organization and more importantly, understand and be recognized for the substantial contributions and impact you have on the overall organization. VMSI has purposely created a relatively flat and employee empowered management structure to eliminate all the typical layers of bureaucracy often experienced in a large company that often hinder an employee’s ability to be heard. With VMSI, our employees are not only recognized for their contributions but also have direct access to all levels of executive management at any time, for any reason.

Large Company Resources

Although VMSI is considered a small business, we are able to deliver all the benefits and resources of a large company to our employees. VMSI has invested in and provides the infrastructure, program management, cloud-based technology and full remote access for all VMSI employees to our web-based applications, intranet, time-keeping systems, program documents, forms, policies, HR data, payroll data and various other information repositories to ensure our employees have all the tools necessary to be successful in their position with VMSI.

Management Support & Program Management

VMSI has created a scalable corporate Program Management Office (PMO) to provide full support and resources necessary to ensure our employees have the reach-back expertise and assistance necessary to be successful in their roles with our organization. Although VMSI has employees throughout the United States, our PMO is in constant contact and personally visits all locations multiple times per year. Our employees, no matter the location are provided the support—system & people—24 hours/day, 7 days/week & 365 days/year. Through regular, structured communications between our employees and VMSI headquarters our employees are kept plugged into the management direction and support they need.


Because our customers are located all over the United States, VMSI has invested in launching 100% of all VMSI applications and data to cloud-based application and data hosting, accessible by all VMSI employees from any computer, from any location and at any time day or night. You will have full access to all VMSI resources, applications and data to include: Program Management, Activity Reporting, Benefits Administration, Tax Information, W2’s, Corporate Intranet Site, Human Resources Information, Time Reporting and Internal Expertise Networking & Resource Sharing.

VMSI is the type of organization that strives to ensure our EMPLOYEE’s experience is the most unique and fulfilling career opportunity they have ever had. We want: “To Be the Best Decision our Employees make”!

So, if you’re looking for a company that cares, one that has invested in the tools, infrastructure, management team, great benefits and the resources necessary for your success and you are ready to give it your all and help VMSI: “To Be the Best Decision our Clients make”, you’ve come to the right place!

Our Mission—Our Promise—Our Goal to each employee is: “To be the BEST DECISION you make”.