our DUTY

Founded by Veterans, managed by Veterans and with an overall staff populated by more than 50% Veterans, VMSI is a company with the guiding principles so often associated with and admired of U.S. Armed Services personnel:  INTEGRITY  :  COMMITTMENT  :  DEDICATION  :  EXCELLENCE

These guiding principles are etched into the bedrock of everything we do and define our DUTY:  supporting and taking care of our customers, employees and fellow Veterans.

Our DUTY is derived from a core culture:  “Taking Care of Our Own” and is focused on 3 primary groups:  Customers, Employees, and Veterans.


VMSI customers and their absolute complete satisfaction are the #1 priority and responsibility for every VMSI employee.  VMSI employees are empowered and encouraged to be “Unexpected” and be a “Hero” for our customers.  It is the DUTY of each employee in every interaction with a VMSI customer to look for that one opportunity to exceed the customer’s expectations.


VMSI employees are the life blood of VMSI working on the front line, interacting and supporting our customers and they are what make our organization successful.  It is the DUTY of all VMSI corporate staff to provide the requisite support, guidance and tools necessary; empowering each of our customer-facing employees to ensure absolute complete customer satisfaction.


VMSI makes significant investments in hiring Veterans, training Veterans and taking care of Veterans; both employee and non-employee Veterans.  VMSI lives and breathes “no man left behind” and consider it our DUTY to care for and help Veterans in any way we can and do so through hiring and providing employment opportunities for Veterans, employee corporate donated volunteer hours and monetary contributions.

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