Celebrating Excellence: Amanda Fitzpatrick’s Outstanding Contributions

Amanda Fitzpatrick

VMSI is honored to acknowledge Amanda Fitzpatrick for her unwavering loyalty, remarkable dedication, and outstanding contributions while representing VMSI in support of the Veterans Affairs Acquisition Academy Contracting Professional School (VAAA-CPS) contract!

Amanda has been an integral part of the VMSI team for close to a year serving as an Instructional Designer and Technologist for the VAAA-CPS. Over the past year, Amanda has consistently demonstrated a high level of enthusiasm and excellence, earning recognition and praise for her exceptional work and steadfast support to the team.

A testament to her exceptional performance, Amanda has been the recipient of two employee excellence awards since she started with VMSI. These accolades demonstrate her invaluable contributions, particularly in her collaborative approach working with teammates to build and enhance course elements with CPS. Additionally, Amanda has been commended for the exceptional technical support she has provided supporting courses as a Technologist, with students consistently praising her abilities in providing tech support for seamless class deliveries.

Amanda’s commitment to excellence, exemplary work ethic, and all-around positive attitude, embodies the core values of VMSI. We are proud to have her as a valuable member of our team and look forward to her continued success and contributions.