Linda Ebbets: A Dedicated Leader

Linda Ebbets

Linda Ebbets, our esteemed Team Leader supporting the Veterans Affairs Acquisition Academy, has been an integral part of the VMSI team for over three years.  Recently, Ken Konkol, had the honor of presenting Linda with a VMSI Employee Excellence Award, recognizing her daily hard work and commitment to our team.  We are proud to acknowledge her dedication, support, and exceptional contributions.

Linda’s outstanding leadership and substantial contributions have played a pivotal role in driving our team’s success.  Since assuming the role as team lead, Linda has consistently demonstrated exceptional leadership qualities, inspiring and motivating those around her.  Linda promotes effective communication and collaboration among team members and various departments and is proactive in assuring new team members quickly adapt to their roles, which has been instrumental in the overall success of the team.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Linda for her accomplishments, unwavering commitment to excellence, and the positive impact she has made within the VAAA team and VMSI.  She continues to exemplify our corporate mission and contributes significantly to achieving our goal of being “The Best Decision Our Clients Make”.