Pamela Holiday’s Impactful Contributions

Pam Holiday

VMSI is proud to recognize Pamela Holiday for her exceptional performance in representing VMSI in support of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Acquisition and Grants Office. Pam has been awarded an Employee Excellence award in acknowledgment of her outstanding work, dedication, and contributions that have positively impacted the Boulder simplified team and the overall NOAA mission.

Pam’s commitment is highlighted by the glowing feedback received from NOAA’s Branch Chief citing Pam’s remarkable efforts that have led to the completion of numerous actions including deobligations, modifications, and closeouts, greatly supporting her team’s objectives.  In addition, it was shared that Pam often steps up to complete any miscellaneous tasks as needed, greatly lightening the workload for her team.  Pam’s hard work and willingness to go above and beyond, coupled with her extensive support for the team has been instrumental in their success.

Pam has been a vital member of the VMSI team since 2014, consistently showcasing her strong work ethic and delivering substantial value to her team. Her continuous recognition through multiple Employee Excellence awards over the past few years underscores her ongoing contributions and the pivotal role she plays in driving success on the contract.  We thank Pam for consistently living up to VMSI’s credo, “To be the BEST DECISION our Clients make!”.