VMSI Employee Recognition – Wanda Rice

Wanda Rice

VMSI is proud to recognize Wanda Rice, a two-year member of our VMSI family, for the variable and valued support she provides on our Program Management Support Services (PMSS) contract with the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA).  Over the past year, Wanda has worked tirelessly alongside her Procurement and Logistics Operations (P&LO) Supply Chain Systems Directorate (SCS) teammates to develop and produce a newsletter intended to share important information with her client, and the rest of her team!

The newsletter’s 1st publication, crafted specifically for Wanda’s group (Continuous Process Improvement (CPI)), was met with enthusiastic response by multiple Government representatives throughout SCS. Noting Wanda’s contribution, Ms. Shareia Oliver stated her work is “exceptional”, “amazing”, and “inspiring.” Mr. Brian Poyner gave his own kudos to the newsletter, stating it was “phenomenal” and “{Wanda has} exceeded my expectations.”  One client was so impressed with the CPI newsletter, she floated the idea for an SCS-wide newsletter!

We thank Wanda for her incredible contributions to the SCS directorate, the PMSS contract, and our VMSI family in whole.  We are eager to see Wanda’s career with us continue to bloom and see where she takes VMSI’s knowledge sharing in the future!

Way to go, Wanda!