Celebrating Employee Excellence – Carmela Cauley


VMSI proudly presented an Employee Excellence Award to Carmela Cauley for her outstanding support and contributions she brings to the Veterans Affairs Acquisition Academy Contracting Professional School.

Carmela’s commitment to excellence is unparalleled. She is an outstanding Lead Technologist who has been recognized by students in the courses she supports highlighting her exceptional work.  Carmela has also helped in the training of new technologists.  Serving as a mentor, she imparts her knowledge and expertise to the new team members, helping to create a smooth transition and continuity in the team’s capabilities. She is always willing to step up whenever additional support beyond her daily duties of the contract is needed.  This willingness to take on extra responsibilities speaks volumes about Carmela’s work ethic and dedication to the team’s success.

As a valued member of the team, Carmela’s contributions have become an integral part of the team’s accomplishments, setting a standard for excellence that inspires those around her.  Carmela continues to exemplify VMSI’s mission and contributes to our goal of being “The Best Decision our Clients Make”.