VMSI Attends VETS23 Conference

Ken Ryan

In May, Ken Konkol, VMSI CEO, and Ryan Elliott, VMSI Chief Strategy Officer, attended the National Veteran Small Business Coalition (NVSBC) VETS23 Conference held in Orlando, Florida.  This annual conference is NVSBC’s main event and is the largest federal small business procurement in person event held in 2023.  This conference serves as a platform for networking and business opportunities for small government contractors and Veteran Businesses.

The NVSBC is dedicated to supporting Veteran small business owners through its nationally recognized training programs, networking events, and advocacy initiatives.  During the 3-day VETS23 conference, attendees were able to attend a series of business opportunity sessions delivered by industry leaders, keynote presentations with over 100 vendors, and numerous networking opportunities.

The VMSI team had a wonderful time reuniting with former colleagues, friends, and teaming partners during the VETS23 conference.  Attending the event proved to be a valuable opportunity for VMSI to acquire knowledge, explore new opportunities, and establish connections with other members of the veteran business community.